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The advanced techniques for developing high impact Google Adsto effectively expand your account.

We examine what makes for successful keyword optimization, attribution models, bidding strategies, and using Google Analytics effectively to vastly improve your Ads campaigns.

By the end of the course you will feel inspired and knowledgeable in all key areas of this specialist area.

About The Course

Google Ads is designed for both business and marketing professionals and top management. This training offers is depth technical
knowledge on all the aspect of Google Ads tools and strategy.

Google Ads

Account Structure and Organization
› Campaign structure
› Campaign naming convention
› Campaign settings › Ad groups
› Ad groups and match types
› Ad group naming
› Ad group settings
The Keyword Universe
› Match type recap
› Common keyword issues
› Negative keywords
Advanced Ad Copy
› Ad copy testing
› Ad extensions

› Impression share
› Demographic targeting
› Dimensions tab
› Auction insights
› Change history
Remarketing Lists for Search Ads
› Advanced remarketing
› Building out audiences with Google Analytics
Using Ad Words with Google Analytics (GA)
› Adding GA columns to Ads
› Linking accounts

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